Since the beginning of time people of the world have expressed themselves through, art, music, dance, drama and storytelling. It is the universal way people communicate their thoughts, ideas, feelings and spirituality.  These modes of communication have a universal language that is deep and meaningful both to the ‘broadcaster’ and the ‘receiver’ of the information.

Many of us will have had an experience of being totally engaged and or moved by a piece of music, a piece of art or drama, or a story being told about something that is important to the ‘broadcaster.’ These media touch us because they tap into our unconscious and bring it to the surface so we can fully experience how we feel about something.

Why is creativity useful and important?

In my experience creativity enables us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, we become better able to connect with others, this understanding helps us to work more effectively together. It gives us a common language, provides opportunities to work through difficulties, through creative expression.

The metaphor or symbol becomes the arena in which the change takes place, without direct confrontation with each other. This form of creativity enables people to get out of their head and into their body so that the whole person is engaged in the change that needs to take place for success to occur.

As the real and felt sense of internal information is externalised it takes on a meaning all of its own. You could therefore say it connects the mind, body and spirit of one human being to another. It is the place of authenticity.

What the expression of a physical form of creativity does, is tap into the deeper levels of human consciousness, translates internal experience and information, into what is going on for individuals personally, as the information is translated into some external physical form, it is processed by everyone as an enabler to help move ideas forward so that change in the system can take place.  For example, if someone is blocking movement in a team, recreating that block in a physical form enables alchemy to take place and movement to occur.

If no action is needed it helps to develop a deeper understanding both of the ‘creator’ and the ‘observer’.  Why is this important in the professional or personal world? Often people have a feeling that something is not quite how they want it to be, but do not have either the words or the understanding to express what is going on, however when people physically create something or develop a metaphor to express themselves, greater connection is made both for the ‘creator’ and the receiver’ of the information.

What I discovered through my training in art therapy and sand play in particular, is that when people engage with something, in a physical way, they seem to be compelled to loose themselves in the moment of creation, these mindful moments enable them to make external representations of their inner worlds. The development of deeper meaning connects and uncovers the real truth about what is being said and what is needed in the situation.

The creation of a physical model enhances the spoken work, so that new learning and understanding takes place.  So during this time of lockdown, get creating, doodling, writing or anything else you can lay your hands on to play with and notice how relaxed you feel.

Think of a creative hobby you have always wanted to try out and let yourself be free to play and relax, just notice how this affects your well being.

Best wishes